Consumer Crumbles ­čŤŹ

­čŤŹ  Retail selloff. Retailers’ profitability hit sounded the alarm with negative impact from higher markdowns, freight costs, supply disruptions and labor costs. Perfect storm of #RecessionWatch fears fueled market panic. Consumer sectors badly underperformed very bearish market week down -8%. ­čĺő  Flirting with bear market. Another bearish market week as S&P 500 dipped again into bear territory. While a Read More

Cracks in App Store Ecosystem ­čô▒

­čśĚ Stalling recovery?┬á#COVID19┬ádelta surge moderating, but worries over┬á#COVIDRecovery┬ámomentum rising. Spending data shows slowing growth and company┬á#Back2Work┬áplans continue to get pushed back. ­čśČ┬á Risk appetite contracting.┬áMarket pullback not surprising given huge August gains and post another┬á#Crypto┬árise and fall. Overall, broad sector weakness as S&P 500 fell almost -2% last week. ­čô▒┬á App Ecosystem breach.┬áDistrict Court ruled Read More