2022: Year of the Hawk 💸

Market Musings 1/6/2022 Quick thoughts on the markets and major portfolio news. Not on Ursa yet? Download Ursa from the App Store! #RisingYields likely to be major 2022 trend. We believe Fed gets more hawkish than current plans as indicated by recently released minutes. Updated January 7, 2021 Massive #Flight2Safety value rotation first week into Read More

Early Christmas for Markets 🎁

🧪  No US lockdown. Biden announced 🇺🇸 #COVID19 Omicron plan focusing on vaccination and testing vs. lockdowns. Fearing a shutdown similar to many in Europe, announcement kicked off week-long rally on Omicron optimism. 🥳  Lots of Omicron cheer. Looking past surging cases, investors rally into the holidays on #COVID19 Omicron optimism. It seems like Omicron surges to a peak quickly with milder Read More

Fed Turns Hawkish 🦅

🦅  Fed shifting to offense. Fed turns hawkish to combat surging #InflationFears. Fed accelerating tapering plan doubling monthly reduction to $30B and targeting 3 rate hikes in 2022 (up from just one expected last month). We think even the accelerated expectations may still be conservative… 😷  Omicron surging globally. While still milder symptoms generally, high transmissibility has #COVID19 Omicron surging Read More

Ursa Winter Promo ☃️

Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions with our Winter Promo! Lots of different ways to earn extra Ursa Rewards and bonuses for growing your account! 🎁  Multiple Ways to Earn this Winter! Kickoff Deposit 🏈 Start 2022 off right with a deposit of $1,000 for an Ursa Reward! Refer Friends 👋 Get a friend investing and Read More

Omicron Fear Fades 😅

😅  Omicron fears abating. Positive developments on the #COVID19 Omicron front has the market running. Cases so far seem mild with high transmissibility and Pfizer believes its 3-shot regimen (2 initial + 1 booster) protects against Omicron. 🙄  CPI up only 6.8%… Nov 12-month CPI grew 6.8%-a 40-year high. However, markets actually cheered the news with CPI coming in below #InflationFears estimate of Read More

The Omicron Rollercoaster 🎢

😬  Omicron anxiety. Big market movements all week with small bits of #COVID19 Omicron news trickling out. Investors remain super anxious with #COVIDRecovery uncertainty from new variant. S&P 500 ends down -1% for week. 💸  Transient no more? Powell is retiring describing inflation as ‘transient’ and considering accelerating asset tapering timeline. Quick tone change from just a couple weeks ago signaling #InflationFears risk Read More

Omicron’s Cat 🙀😸

Market Musings 12/2/2021 Quick thoughts on the markets and major portfolio news. Not on Ursa yet? Download Ursa from the App Store! Market rollercoaster since Omicron news broke Black Friday. We’re closely monitoring severity of symptoms, transmissibility and potential vaccine immunity for signal on #COVIDRecovery. It was a different Black Friday than we were expecting. Read More

A Different Black Friday 🦠

🦠  Omicron variant fears. New #COVID19 variant Omicron surging in South Africa has countries globally restricting travel again. Still a lot unknown about the new variant, but rampant speculation and thinly traded Black Friday sent markets nose-diving. S&P 500 fell over -2%. #COVIDRecovery names hit hard, but #RevengeTravel including hotels and airlines decimated. 🏦  Powell renominated. Overshadowed by Omicron, Biden renominated Fed Chair Read More

Strong Retail Demand 🛍

🛍  Strong retail spending. Retail #earnings were strong highlighting #COVIDRecovery consumer demand remains intact despite #InflationFears. However, #SupplyScare issues remain heading into Q4. Consumer up +4% for week. 🦠  4th Wave? #COVID19 resurgence in Europe as rising case has Austria mandating 20-day lockdown and Germany not ruling out potential lockdown either. Even  cases troughed weeks ago and rising again. Volatile market as #COVIDRecovery keeps starting and stopping. ️💸  Read More