Weekend Update 10/22/2023

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Markets fall on Powell commentary reversing the prior week’s dovish Fed sentiment

😾 Schrodinger’s Fed. Fed commentary this week was more mixed with Powell reiterating his cautious stance on #RisingYields and inflation. While recent moderating inflation is a “very favorable development”, he noted monetary policy isn’t “too tight” right now.

🔥 Hot, hot economy. Mounting geopolitical concerns but the US economy continues to chug along. #LaborMarkets continue to remain strong and consumer spending continues unabated. The S&P 500 ends the week down -2.4%.

🏛️ House turmoil. Representative Jim Jordan failed 3 times to become the next US House Speaker. Republicans are now starting back at zero again. The stopgap funding bill expires mid-November and every day without a Speaker makes a government shutdown more likely.

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