Weekend Update 9/24/2023

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Markets recalibrating expectations after Fed’s hawkish pause

💸 Higher for longer. At the September meeting, the Fed held rates flat as expected. However, it was a hawkish pause with longer-term forecasts indicating another rate hike expected this year and for #RisingYields to last longer.

️📈 Bond surge. 10-year treasury yields popped +3% after the hawkish Fed commentary. Big moves for the bond markets as higher #RisingYields expectations settling in for the long-term.

📉 Recalibrating expectations. Three consecutive red market days following the Fed meeting. Powell had poured cold water on #Goldilocks optimism warning that a soft landing was possible, but should not be the expected baseline outcome. The S&P 500 fell -3% for the week as investors readjusted expectations.

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