Weekend Update 10/15/2023

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Rising macro uncertainty gives investors’ renewed #Goldilocks confidence pause

😳 Hamas attacks Israel. Last weekend, Palestinian terrorist group Hamas hit Israel with a surprise attack that led Israel to declare war. Tensions have been steadily rising all week with another global conflict adding to macro uncertainty. Crude oil pricing on the uptick again.

🕊️ Dovish Fed? Markets shook off the Hamas attack uncertainty early week with positive Fedspeak. Officials echoed a softening #RisingYields position given inflation progress and moderating #LaborMarkets. The S&P 500 rose 4 straight days through Wednesday.

🥵 Hotter inflation. September CPI came in hotter at +0.4% M/M to 3.7% Y/Y. Core CPI was in-line, but accelerated to +0.3% M/M. Combined with rising oil pricing, falling consumer sentiment and stronger labor, the S&P 500 fell the 2H of the week, but still ended up +0.5%.

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