Weekend Update 9/17/2023

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Volatile triple witching day wipes out earlier week’s rally

💸 Mixed CPI data. Headline August CPI inflation reaccelerated to 3.6% as Core CPI continued its fall to 4.3%. With oil costs surging, going forward it may be harder for Core CPI to continue to decline.

️🧙‍♀️ Triple witching day. Markets reversed earlier week gains on September’s triple witching day (third Friday of the month when options and futures expire). Investors continue to fret stronger macro data could ruin the #Goldilocks soft landing. The S&P ends weeks slightly lower.

🚙 UAW auto strike. The United Auto Workers union went on strike on Friday after failing to reach an agreement with the “Big 3” US automakers. It was a targeted strike at specific factories, but could expand if negotiations don’t make progress.

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