Weekend Update 11/19/2023

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Markets extend rally as inflation slows ahead of expectations

🐌 CPI slows. October CPI came in below expectations lowering Y/Y inflation to 3.2%. Meanwhile, core CPI only slightly rose 0.2% M/M also lower than expected. Markets surged on optimism that #InflationFears are over and the Fed is done with #RisingYields rate hikes.

️🏛️ Another stop gap. The US temporarily averted a shutdown again with another stopgap bill. The 2024 budget decisions will now be delayed until the new year. While likely a contentious political fight looming, the US at least will continue to run at status quo until then.

🇨🇳 Thawing tensions? President Biden met with China’s Xi at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum last week. Potentially some thawing #ChinaTension with some agreement around resuming military and open high-level communications.

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