Weekend Update 11/12/2023

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Market continues to rise on dovish expectations despite hawkish Fed commentary

🦅 Hawkish Fed. Speaking at an IMF conference, Powell reiterated the Fed was ‘not confident’ #RisingYields were restrictive enough. While his remarks weren’t much different from a week ago, markets have been rallying MTD on the assumption #RisingYields are over.

🕊 Dovish Market. The November dove rally continues as markets largely ignored Powell’s hawkish commentary. Investors believe the end of #RisingYields is here. The S&P 500 ends the week up +1.3% and up +5.3% MTD.

🛍️ Weakening consumer? Consumer sentiment fell more than expected in the last survey. Meanwhile, credit card debt swelled to a record $1.08T in Q3 with rates surging on #RisingYields. Will we finally see #ConsumerNoConfidence hit or will the spending strength hold?

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