Weekend Update 11/26/2023

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Markets rise again on short Thanksgiving holiday week

🤖 Altman is back. OpenAI has announced ousted CEO Sam Altman will return to his former position with a new board. After 5-days of drama, it looks like the #AI world is reset back to last Thursday before the former board abruptly fired Altman.

🦅 Return of the hawk? The November meeting minutes revealed the Fed expects restrictive interest rates for some time. While not contradicting the market’s end of #RisingYields expectations, rallying markets likely hoping for a quicker pivot from the higher rates. We’ll see.

️🎄 Holiday season kick-off. Annual Black Friday sales kicked-off right after the turkey feast. Investors will be paying close attention to estimates of the weekend thru Cyber Monday for signal on the 2023 holiday season and a barometer on consumer confidence.

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