Strong Retail Demand ūüõć

ūüõ欆 Strong retail spending.¬†Retail¬†#earnings¬†were strong highlighting¬†#COVIDRecovery¬†consumer demand remains intact despite¬†#InflationFears. However,¬†#SupplyScare¬†issues remain heading into Q4. Consumer up +4% for week. ūü¶†¬† 4th Wave?¬†#COVID19¬†resurgence in Europe as rising case has Austria mandating 20-day lockdown and Germany not ruling out potential lockdown either. Even¬†¬†cases troughed weeks ago and rising again. Volatile market as¬†#COVIDRecovery¬†keeps starting and stopping. ÔłŹūüíł¬† Read More