Weekend Update 11/7/2021

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Tapering coming, but Fed maintains slow approach

🦥  Cautious Fed. As expected, Fed starting to taper asset purchases by $15B/month. However, Fed remains steadfast in transient #InflationFears expectations tempering rate hike forecast. 10-year treasury yield fell -7% during the week with Financials 🏦 lower with it.

✈️  Travel time. #RevengeTravel got a shot in the arm with more positive #COVID19 pill data. Compounds strong #earnings as travel restrictions ease globally. All 👀 on holiday travel season and if #COVID19 remains under control this year.

🥽  Metaverse is coming. The #Metaverse is the new tech buzzword and everyone seems to want a piece of it-Social Media, Productivity, Gaming, etc. Hard to predict winners this early, but regardless GPU suppliers seem poised to win regardless.

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