Weekend Update 10/2/2021

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Green Oct start on potential #COVID19 pill 🦠💊

📉  September pullback. S&P 500 finished September down -5%-first red month after 7 consecutive green ones. Macro uncertainty drove market correction off all-time highs as investors faced #InflationFears#RisingYields and #ChinaTension.

💸  Yields keep rising. 10-year treasury yields rose another +5% extending last week gains. #InflationFears in focus on energy pricing surging and supply chain woes. Strong #Flight2Safety rotation with Growth down over -3% for week while S&P 500 down -2%.

💊  COVID pill optimism. Merck’s positive data for a #COVID19 pill has markets surging to start October. #COVIDRecovery and in particular #RevengeTravel names lead the way. S&P 500 starts Oct up over +1%.

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