Pantry Loading 2.0? šŸ§»

šŸš¢Ā  Supply chain woes.Ā Rising concernsĀ #COVIDRecoveryĀ hampered by persistent supply chain issues. Consumer companies noting some consumer hoarding behavior (Pantry Loading 2.0?) as well as retail ad demand lower for holiday season. All-time high energy prices just compounding investor concerns. šŸ’øĀ  Yields resume climb.Ā Erasing last week’s dip,Ā #RisingYieldsĀ resume with 10-year treasury yield up 4%. MoreĀ #InflationFearsĀ bolstered by Powell’s ‘time Read More

Banking on COVID Recovery šŸ¤‘

šŸ’øĀ  Yields stabilizing.Ā #RisingYieldsĀ breaks 3-week streak with 10-year treasury yield ending week down -2%. Yields peaked Mon, dropped -6% by Thur and rebounded +4% Fri. The culprit flattening yield curves as investors worry Fed underestimatingĀ #InflationFearsĀ and will need to accelerate rate hikes. šŸ’»Ā  Growth rebound.Ā S&P 500 finished up almost +2% with high-growth Tech leading the way up Read More

New Adventures of Old Auto šŸš˜

šŸ’øĀ  Yields keep on rising.Ā For 3rd straight week,Ā #RisingYieldsĀ continue tacking on another 9%. Surging energy prices, strongĀ #COVIDRecoveryĀ data and incoming Fed action continues to driveĀ #InflationFearsĀ andĀ #Flight2Safety rotation. šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³Ā  Biden/Xi virtual summit.Ā White House reengaging Beijing holding a virtual summit later this year. Markets popped Thursday onĀ #ChinaTensionĀ relief with S&P 500 finishing +1% for week. šŸš™Ā  Legacy auto in spotlight.Ā General Motors Read More

Market-Deflating Inflation

Market Musings 10/6/2021 Quick thoughts on the markets and major portfolio news. Not on Ursa yet? Download Ursa from the App Store! Conservative Fed playing catch up to surging inflation data. We expect more volatility as incoming Fed action gets concrete timeline. High growth likely impacted; portfolios positioned for more #Flight2Safety. Markets have been incredibly Read More

Blue or Red Pill? šŸ˜Ž Green Pill! šŸ“ˆ

šŸ“‰Ā  September pullback.Ā S&P 500 finished September down -5%ļ¼first red month after 7 consecutive green ones. Macro uncertainty drove market correction off all-time highs as investors facedĀ #InflationFears,Ā #RisingYieldsĀ andĀ #ChinaTension. šŸ’øĀ  Yields keep rising.Ā 10-year treasury yields rose another +5% extending last week gains.Ā #InflationFearsĀ in focus on energy pricing surging and supply chain woes. StrongĀ #Flight2SafetyĀ rotation with Growth down over -3% for Read More

Schrodinger’s Inflation? šŸ˜ø

šŸ’Ŗ More strong economic data.Ā Despite rising case,Ā #COVIDRecoveryĀ still strong as 12-month consumer price index grew 5.4% again in July.Ā #InflationFearsĀ tug ‘o war with another high inflation month, but, at the same time, not accelerating. ļøšŸ’øĀ  Yields keep rising.Ā 10-year treasury yields up another +4% last week, but as much as +9% Thursday before Friday’s -5%. pullback. #RisingYields resurgence Read More

Travel Recovery? āœˆļø

šŸ’°Yields rebounding.Ā #RisingYieldsĀ rebound up +4% rising as more strong economic data may accelerate Fed rate decision. Financials jumped +4% with overall S&P 500 up +1% for week. āœˆļø Travel strong?Ā Strong travel bookings boostingĀ #RevengeTravel. However, boost primarily driven by domestic as international, corporate and big city travel still muted. šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³ ‘Spiritual Opium’.Ā MoreĀ #ChinaTensionĀ as state run publication calls online Read More

Value Surging in May šŸ’

ā€šŸ’ØšŸ‘Ÿ Value rotation. With bubble fears climbing (aided by rising meme stock and joke #Crypto interest), heavy #Flight2Safety to kick off May. Value stocks up +3% MTD while Growth down slightly so far. Overall S&P 500 finished up +1%. šŸ˜° Rising #InflationFears. Treasury Sec Yellen briefly tanked markets Tuesday saying interest rates needed to rise ‘a little bit to make sure Read More

Correcting the Correction

While markets surged today, high growth stocks had been under siege for the past several weeks. Before today, tech heavy NASDAQ fell over -10% from its peak on Feb 12 while the more diverse S&P 500 fell less than -3%. Today, NASDAQ’s Herculean rebound recouped part of the loss, but still remains down -7% from Read More