Market Musings 6/19/2024

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Have you ever wondered why the stock market rises on unemployment?

Well, it’s all about #RateCuts

The Fed uses interest rates to slow the economy to fight inflation.

A consequence of this is weakening #LaborMarkets-slowing hiring and increasing unemployment.

Despite sharply increasing rates since March 2022, jobs have remained very resilient with unemployment only ticking up from 3.6% to 4% last month.

This has allowed the Fed to hold rates #HigherForLonger.

Weaker jobs could give the Fed more confidence inflation progress is sustainable and potentially accelerate #RateCuts.

However, as we get more confident inflation is slowing, markets will likely start to look for the opposite.

Investors are hoping for the so-called “just right” #Goldilocks soft landing-where the economy cools off just enough to lower inflation, but without tanking jobs and growth to avoid a recession.

With inflation progress back on track, investors will want jobs to start stabilizing.

Otherwise, markets may start to fall on recession fears…

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Original Photo by Pixabay.