Weekend Update 6/23/2024

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Slow week as markets grow cautious again

🤖 1H: more AI cheer. The first half of the week continued the #AI rally. Multiple analysts released reports pounding the table on the usual #AI suspects. The S&P 500 rose another +1% into the Juneteenth market holiday.

⚠️ 2H: Caution growing. However, investors returned from the midweek break a little more cautious. #AI names pulled back and gave up some of the previous gains. Markets ended the week red with the S&P 500 falling -0.4% following the midweek break.

😅 Still green. Despite the late week pullback, the S&P 500 still ended up +0.6% for the week and extends the rally. Seasonally slower summer trading is showing with a growing cautious market plus triple witching day not driving much volatility.

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