Weekend Update 6/16/2024

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The market rally continues on inflation cheer

🎉 Inflation cheer. May Core CPI grew just +0.2% M/M down from April’s 0.3% and slowed than expected. May’s PPI backed up the slowing data with the core metric flat M/M. Investors cheering the slowing inflation data and reigniting hopes for imminent #RateCuts.

🏦 Fed pause. The Fed meeting was a bit on the hawkish side with the new dot plot forecasting only 1 rate cut this year. However, investors largely shrugged off concerns rallying behind the new CPI data and still maintaining hope for multiple #RateCuts this year.

📈 New highs. The S&P 500 rallied further up +1.6% for the week. However, market optimism tapered off a bit towards the end of the week. Investors likely trying to figure out what’s next.

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