Weekend Update 5/30/2022

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Markets sharply rebound on easing Fed optimism

🏦  Easing Fed? Strong market rebound on improving inflation data and potential Fed reassessment after couple more #RisingYields hikes. Investors looking to call bottom, but we’ll see with macro data also deteriorating. Markets green with S&P 500 rebounding up almost +7% last week.

👻  Oh Snap! Snap negatively revised its outlook from just a month ago blaming rapidly deteriorating macro conditions. Tuesday’s news pummeled Comm as well as Growth-oriented Tech and Consumer Discretionary. However luckily, red Tuesday ends up an outlier in market rebound week.

🌤  China COVID relief. China began easing restrictions with partial #COVIDRecovery reopening this weekend. Lockdowns straining already stressed global supply chains. Meanwhile, Memorial Day #RevengeTravel looking pre-pandemic despite domestic #COVID19 cases continue to rise.

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