Weekend Update 8/22/2021

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Fed tapering purchases EOY? 💰🙅‍♀️🗓

📉 Markets sink on Fed tapering. Markets dropped in power hour Wed as Fed commentary indicated purchase tapering by end of year. Investors mostly shook off macro uncertainty in Afghanistan and ever increasing #COVID19, but Fed minutes tipped the scales.

🌊. 4th wave rising. #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations approaching 3rd wave levels. (Deaths still lower, but also lagging indicator.) #COVIDRecovery trajectory extending with it as cyclical #Flight2Safety names see pullback.

⚔️. Travel shaken by Afghanistan. Global uncertainty in aftermath of US Afghanistan pullout. #RevengeTravel already stalled from #COVID19 delta, but facing additional headwind to still muted global travel resumption.

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