Correcting the Correction

While markets surged today, high growth stocks had been under siege for the past several weeks. Before today, tech heavy NASDAQ fell over -10% from its peak on Feb 12 while the more diverse S&P 500 fell less than -3%. Today, NASDAQ’s Herculean rebound recouped part of the loss, but still remains down -7% from Read More

New Release: Stock Matching System

We just released a new app update with a lot of new features including Stock Ratings ðŸ¥‡ , Stock Matching System â­ , and Newsfeed HQ ðŸ“° . Download the new update on the App Store! New Features in v1.4 Stock Matching System We recommend stocks for you based on our Stocks Ratings and your Portfolio Strategy. Now available in Builder Read More

Introducing Ursa, the First Personalized Research-Driven Actively Managed Robo Advisor

Ursa, now available in the App Store, offers the first personalized research-driven actively managed robo advisor to bridge the gap between the excitement and control of DIY commission-free brokerages and the effortlessness of robo advisors. SAN FRANCISCO, November 19, 2020 – Ursa, a San Francisco based startup, today announced its launch of the first personalized Read More