Market Musings 6/26/2024

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The AI rally is starting to stall as investors become more cautious…

#AI bellwether Nvidia surged over 40% from its blowout earnings, but recently pulled back -15% from its all-time peak last Thursday before yesterday’s rally.

Overall, #AI hype has tapered off and replaced with some cautious selling.

Broadcom, another big #AI name, is also down -9% since Thursday.

While, Micron, a memory chip supplier for all these #AI servers being built, tumbled in after hours today after reporting.

For Micron, while earnings beat, the outlook came in just in-line with Street estimates. Given all the hype, investors were definitely looking for a beat.

We’ll likely see more #AI and the overall market pullback tomorrow.

Micron was the last big off-cycle #AI name reporting before earnings next month.

With markets still near all-time highs and a lack of news, we expect #AI to continue to cool off.

However, the macro outlook will take over focus for the rest of the week with the May PCE release on Friday.

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Original Photo by Pixabay.