Market Musings 6/12/2024

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Markets surge on slowing inflation data offsetting a slightly hawkish Fed.

Markets blasted off today on lower inflation data.

The May CPI showed no M/M growth-below expectations for 0.1%.

The core reading (excluding food and energy) grew just +0.2%-below expectations for 0.3%.

That fueled the market to pop with the S&P 500 up over 1% midday.

Then, came the Fed meeting in power hour…

While a little more hawkish than expected, it didn’t derail the morning’s euphoria.

As expected, no #RateCuts and more data needed on inflation progress.

The new dot plot forecast signaled expectations for 1 cut (down from 3 last quarter).

However, investors latched on to still no officials forecasting a rate hike and that more readings like today’s could accelerate #RateCuts.

Markets pulled back a little from intraday highs, but still held on to solid gains.

As expected, today was going to be a big catalyst and it didn’t disappoint.

Two down, one more to go…

Tomorrow, May PPI data releases which could reinforce May’s CPI progress or discount the reading as an outlier…

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Original Photo by John Guccione.