Weekend Update 4/14/2024

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Volatile markets swinging on new inflation data and Israel attack

😱 Hotter CPI. The highly anticipated March CPI came in higher than expected continuing to accelerate away from the Fed’s 2% inflation target. It’s now three months of hotter than expected results and may further delay #RateCuts.

😅 Cooler PPI. However, March PPI came in lower than expected and soothed investors fears from the hotter CPI report. After tumbling the day before on the CPI data, markets rebounded and more on the cooler PPI data.

😳 Israel attacked. Warnings of an imminent attack on Israel sent markets tumbling Friday. The S&P 500 ended the week down -1.6%. However, Israel successfully repelled Iran’s attack over the weekend which may soothe markets as long as Israel’s response doesn’t further escalate the #GlobalTension in the Middle East.

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