Weekend Update 3/10/2024

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After another AI rally, markets turn its focus back to the macro environment

🏦 Powell stays the course. Testifying to Congress last week, Powell noted #RateCuts could likely begin this year with the Fed gaining more confidence on inflation’s longer term trajectory. Markets viewed essentially no new developments as a positive.

💼 Mixed labor continues. Another month of mixed labor data with more than expected US jobs added in February while unemployment also rose more. It’s more balanced #Goldilocks data, but may not be enough if recently rising inflation doesn’t retrench quickly.

🧐 Macro markets. Despite some early residual #AI optimism on Monday, markets returned to a macro focus last week. It was a mixed reaction to Powell’s testimony and the labor data. Despite lots of volatility, the S&P 500 just ends slightly down -0.3% for the week.

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