Market Musings 3/12/2024

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The S&P 500 surged 5% in February extending the market rally to four months. We’re seeing similar optimism in March so far, but with a lot more hesitation.

πŸ₯° AI-Smitten February

Market euphoria continued unabated in February with the #AI hype train rolling all month. #AI bellweather Nvidia knocked another earnings and outlook out of the park while other server supply chain names piled on highlighting strong demand driven by the #AI infrastructure buildout.

The #AI hype overshadowed some macro weakness with inflation starting to reaccelerate. However, under the cover of #AI, markets have adjusted some #RateCuts expectation now for 3 to 4 cuts starting in June.

πŸ€ March Macro Madness

Thus far, market have been volatile in March and returned to a macro focus. #LaborMarkets have been mixed and the recent February CPI came in slightly hotter again. The short-term inflation trends has the 3-month CPI annualized back above 3% again.

However, we also continue to see #AI bullishness. Markets were essentially flat MTD before today’s run. However, investors continue to see everything as a glass half full with a #Goldilocks soft landing base case powered by #AI demand and #RateCuts.

Despite today’s pop, we expect more volatility through the rest of the month dominated by shifting #RateCuts expectations. We continue to expect the US economy to bottom this year into a mild recession (not soft). We see the market a little ahead of itself right now, but longer-term believe we’re already well into the next bull market.

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Original Photo by Tara Winstead.