Weekend Update 2/18/2024

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Market rally disrupted by hotter-than-expected inflation data

️☀️ Hotter inflation. Both January CPI and PPI came in hotter than expected. Inflation appears to be slightly reaccelerating in back to back months after a higher reading in December too. While not disastrous, lowering inflation to the Fed’s target may take longer than expected.

💸 Higher for longer. Markets are recalibrating #RateCuts expectations. After the hotter inflation data, rates will likely be #HigherForLonger as the Fed will need more datapoints returning back to fall inflation levels to be comfortable to start cutting.

💔 Market dumped. The S&P 500 ended down -0.4% for the week. Despite a slightly red week, the market remains very optimistic for a perfect #Goldilocks landing to avoid a recession. However, that will likely require #RateCuts to happen sooner rather than later.

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