Weekend Update 2/11/2024

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S&P 500 tops the 5,000 point milestone as markets remain giddy

🏔️ 5,000 points. The S&P 500 surpassed 5,000 points this week. Giddy markets ran another 1.4% this week to breach the milestone. Investors continue to bet on a perfect #Goldilocks soft landing and quick #RateCuts.

📊 Earnings end. The majority of earnings season wrapped up last week with more volatility. Some takeaways include #CyberSecurity winning, investors continue to cheer cost cuts and post-pandemic travel demand waning.

🏈 Streaming sports. ESPN, Fox and HBO plan to launch a sports streaming service later this year. Potentially the nail in the coffin for cable providers with live sports one of its few remaining value props.

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