Market Musings 12/4/2023

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Markets surge in November with investors feasting on the end of #RisingYields and a #Goldilocks soft landing…

What a month! The S&P 500 surged +9% in November recovering from a three-month market slide since July.

A rate hike pause kicked off the dove rally at the start of the month. The Fed held rates flat for the second consecutive meeting prompting end of #RisingYields speculation and #Goldilocks soft landing optimism to return.

The CPI data mid-month added more fuel to the rally. October CPI came in below expectations lowering Y/Y inflation to 3.2%. Meanwhile, core CPI only slightly rose 0.2% M/M-also lower than expected. Markets feasted on bullish optimism that inflation has cooled enough for the Fed to end its #RisingYields rate hikes.

And then came the holiday seasonal strength. It was a record Thanksgiving weekend with more than 200M deal-searching shoppers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday both topped expectations as shoppers opened their wallets for bargains. Markets hoping the record sales signal consumer sentiment remains resilient-needed for a #Goldilocks soft landing.

The S&P 500 kicked off December hot too, but saw some weakness today. We, too, believe #RisingYields is likely over, but think the market may be a little too optimistic for quick turnaround on rate cuts and a #Goldilocks soft landing. Despite the rampant market optimism, there were still some mixed data in November that was largely ignored. After a 9% run in November, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback near-term in December.

Our portfolios held up well in November benefiting from our #Flight2Safety Value tilt as well as being overweight in Financials. We’re still seeing that portfolio strength extend into December as well. While markets likely remain volatile near-term, we continue to recommend long-term investors to build positions.

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Original Photo by Karolina Grabowska.