Weekend Update 12/3/2023

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Markets finish higher for the 5th straight week concluding a massive November rally

🥳 November rally. The S&P 500 rose for the 5th straight week up +0.8% as markets eagerly anticipate that Fed is done with #RisingYields. The rally powered a 8.9% rise in November and kicks off December up +0.6%.

🕊️ Doves galore. More mixed Fed commentary last week, but investors still adamant #RisingYields are over. Expectations for rate cuts are moving forward as markets optimistically pricing in the perfect #Goldilocks soft landing again.

🛍️ Record Thanksgiving weekend. The National Retail Federation announced the Black Friday thru Cyber Monday extended weekend set a record with more than 200M shoppers. It’s still TBD if the record sales are a signal of consumer strength or just bargain hunting.

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