Weekend Update 1/2/2023

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Anxious, but optimistic markets entering 2023

🎅  No Santa Rally. Santa skipped town this year, but S&P 500 does at least end slightly up for the week. December pessimism around #RecessionWatch fears sank improving #InflationFears sentiment. S&P 500 ends down -6% for December and -19% for the year.

💼  Labor focus. Unemployment claims rose last week to 1.7M (highest in 10 months). Still low relative, but hot labor markets appears to be slowing. Fed to scrutinize labor markets as next phase of #RisingYields decision making.

🇨🇳  China U-Turn. Meanwhile, China reversed its strict Zero-COVID policy and reopened. The whiplash move has #COVID19 cases (and deaths) surging. There’s potential for supply chain issues as China recovers.

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