From raging inflation to recession fears, stay on top of it with daily insights and research! Remind your squad to check-in too and earn a bonus airdrop!

Invest with Friends rewards you for active friends. Refer friends and you’ll get credit for their check-ins through the remainder of the year!

A Friend Check-In is defined as a user referral that checks in on Ursa between December 19, 2022 and January 1, 2023. You can get credit for each day your Referral check-ins. You can earn up to 10 Friend Check-ins per day!

Friend Check-InsBonus Airdrop
1+500 points
5+1,500 points
10+2,500 points
25+5,000 points
50+7,500 points
100+10,000 points

How to refer Friends? Just send them your unique referral code. You’ll also receive additional benefits like a mining rate boost and extra airdrop bonuses. See our Ursa Rewards Program Terms for more details!

Promotion Period is December 19, 2022 thru January 1, 2023. All Referees must have signed up with a verified email and using the Referrer’s unique referral code. A Referee can check-in once per day starting at 9:30am EST. You can earn up to 10 check-ins per day. The Bonus Airdrop will be determined by the number of Qualifying Friend Check-Ins at the end of the Promotion Period and will be distributed within 5 business days. Promotion and participation is subject to our Ursa Rewards Program Terms.

Original Photo by George Dolgikh