Weekend Update 12/4/2022

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Markets surge on Powell’s Dec hike deceleration signal

🇨🇳  China unrest. Markets opened week lower on rare public protests in China last weekend following deadly fire in Xinjiang capital Urumqi and ongoing strict #COVID19 restrictions. However, follow-up protests quickly squashed by the Chinese government.

🕊  Dovish Fed? Fed Chair Powell signaled smaller rate hike in Dec with “path to a soft or softish” #RecessionWatch landing. Markets surged with S&P 500 up +3% and large cap Dow Jones technically exiting bear market. However, Powell qualified dovish remarks noting Fed still has “long way to go” to combat #InflationFears.

🔥  Labor market stays hot. US added 263K jobs in Nov with low unemployment at 3.7%. Meanwhile, hourly wages grew +5% Y/Y. Strong job numbers continue and likely still too strong for quick Fed pivot. While smaller 50 bps rate hike expected in Dec, #RisingYields likely sticks around awhile.

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