Gift friends 3,000 Ursa Reward Points with your referral code! (Also, earn rewards for yourself! πŸ˜‰)

It’s that time of year! Share your referral code with friends and they’ll earn 3,000 points after building an initial portfolio in December.

No account opening required. If friends aren’t ready to invest yet, let them dip their toe in first. Pre-account users can still build a portfolio, follow along with daily market insights and mine stock reward points daily!

Referees will receive the Referral Gift Bonus upon their first check-in as part of onboarding after building their initial portfolio. Ursa Reward Points are redeemable for portfolio stock rewards. While pre-account users may accumulate reward points, they must fully open and fund an account to redeem rewards. Please see full Ursa Reward Program Terms for more information.

Don’t forget your gift!

You’ll receive a reward points gift for qualifying referrals as well. You could earn up to 50,000 Ursa Reward Points redeemable for $50 in portfolio stock! See table below for reward tiers.

Qualifying ReferralsReferrer Gift Bonus
13,000 points
26,000 points
3 to 410,000 points
5 to 620,000 points
7 to 930,000 points
10+50,000 points
Referree Gift Bonus is not cumulative.

Pre-account users can also refer and participate for a Referrer Gift Bonus!

Qualifying Referrals are new users (pre-account or new accounts) that sign up, build their initial portfolio and check-in collecting reward points at least twice in December. You’ll receive a Referrer Gift Bonus based on the number of your Qualifying Referrals. The Referrer Gift Bonus is in addition to standard Referral Program rewards. At its sole discretion, Ursa may disqualify any user(s) from participating for fraud, manipulation, deceit, cheating or any illegal activity. Please see full Ursa Reward Program Terms for more information.

Promotion Period is December 7, 2022 thru December 31, 2022. Referees must sign up with a verified email and using the Referrer’s unique referral code. The Referral Gift Bonus becomes active upon the Referee successfully registering and initially collecting points. Qualifying Referrals must check-in for reward points at least twice in the Promotion Period. The Referrer Gift Bonus will be determined by the number of Qualifying Referrals at the end of the Promotion Period and will be distributed within 5 business days. Promotion and participation is subject to our Ursa Rewards Program Terms.

Original Photo by George Dolgikh