Weekend Update 10/2/2022

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Markets finish September bloodbath down -9%

🩸  September bloodbath. S&P 500 finishes September down -9% and -17% lower from mid-August bear rally peak. Unyielding elevated #InflationFears driving hawkish Fed #RisingYields leads to deepening #RecessionWatch forecasts.

🇬🇧  Bank of England QE. Fixing a self-inflicted wound, Bank of England buying unlimited long-dated bonds to stabilize its markets. US markets briefly ticked up on hopes Fed may quickly reverse #RisingYields policy too if incoming recession cuts too deep.

🤔  Good news is bad news. Unemployment claims fell 16K as labor market remains hot. Other data points show new home sales topping expectations and consumer confidence continued to grow since April low. Economy stubbornly remains strong unfortunately likely adds fuel to #RisingYields.

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