Weekend Update 8/7/2022

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Growth leads markets higher as S&P 500 extends July gains

🇹🇼  Trouble in Taiwan. House Speaker Pelosi visited Taiwan last week sparking outrage from China. #ChinaTension mounting with increased military exercises as retaliation. Markets started week lower on new Asia macro uncertainty, but Semis rose on Pelosi’s implied support for Taiwan.

🛢 Small OPEC boost. OPEC agreed to slightly increase oil production following President Biden’s Saudi Arabia visit. While not the a huge increase to bring down surging #InflationFears gas prices, crude oil still fell -10% last week and finished below $90. Oil pullback likely spurred “Risk ON” market rally with Growth up over +1%. Overall S&P 500 rebounds from earlier losses to finish slightly higher.

🍞  Shift to staples. #RevengeTravel earnings beat, but warns July growth decelerating. Meanwhile, Walmart notes customers shifting spend towards basic staples like food and toiletries. Seems #InflationFears and #RecessionWatch may finally be hitting consumer spending. We’ll see if #ConsumerNoConfidence sentiment starts building again.

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