Weekend Update 7/17/2022

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Inflation continues to surge, but consumer remains resilient

🦅  Inflation still soaring. June 12-month CPI grew 9.1% above expectations and accelerating past May’s 8.6%. While 75 bps expected, investors fearing steeper #RisingYields hike at 100 bps might be on tap. However, market panic waned and recovered on Thursday.

🛍  Resilient consumer. Despite #InflationFears shock, #ConsumerNoConfidence sentiment continues to improve. June retail grew above expectations. New July consumer sentiment survey shows rise off June trough. Meanwhile, credit delinquency/charge-off metrics stay strong.

🏦  Mixed earnings. Earnings kicked off with mostly banks, as usual, leading. As expected, investment banking lower as companies focus internally on tightening belts with #RecessionWatch. However, adding to improving #ConsumerNoConfidence sentiment, consumer banking was a bright spot with spend holding strong.

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