Market Musings 7/6/2022

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Halftime 2022-we’re down -21% YTD with a recession looming. Where do we go from here?

Fresh off May’s V-shaped recovery, markets entered June holding steady for about a week before the S&P 500 tumbled -8%. June saw the market finally dip into Bear Market Territory as #InflationFears reaccelerated, #RisingYields steepened and #ConsumerNoConfidence demand deteriorated. From a macro perspective, not much had changed other than a rude awakening for overly optimistic investor sentiment.

May’s CPI growing +8.6% dashed investor hopes for decelerating inflation off an optimistic March peak. Reignited out-of-control #InflationFears led Fed to quickly react with a 75 bps rate hike (largest hike in 28 years) and boost expectations to end year up an additional 175 bps to 3.4%. We view the Fed’s primary near-term objection is to fight #InflationFears at all costs including aggressive #RisingYields and potential #RecessionWatch consequences.

Meanwhile, markets became more and more weary of consumer spending trends given ongoing #InflationFears impact and increasing #RecessionWatch concerns. #ConsumerNoConfidence demand worries compounded by forecast cuts at consumer electronic manufacturers and mass layoffs particularly in Tech. While #RevengeTravel remains strong (holiday week travel volume still above pre-pandemic levels), investors worry demand fades quickly going into a recession. While #ConsumerNoConfidence actions feels defensive right now, we are monitoring closely how demand actually plays out.

So we’ve hit halftime with S&P 500 down -21% through the end of June. Markets were due for a pullback and, as we’ve mentioned previously, pullbacks are a healthy part of market cycles. Versus the start of the year, we believe investors likely overestimated #InflationFears persistence, underestimated aggressive #RisingYields plans and couldn’t predict #UkraineCrisis & impact on global supply chain.

As we’ve been positioned since last year, we’re playing defense likely through the remainder of 2022. Portfolio recommendations have been tilted towards #Flight2Safety with even more rotation into #RecessionResilient havens like Healthcare and Consumer Staples and more emphasis on #Dividends names combating #RisingYields. While timing the market is extremely difficult, if you have a long-term horizon to stomach the volatility we believe this is a great time to invest.

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