Weekend Update 7/4/2022

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Consumer confidence falling with high gas and food price struggles

😥  Consumer concerns. Consumer Confidence Index fell to 16-month lows as US struggles with surging #InflationFears impacting gas pumps and grocery stores (and really everything else too…). Markets getting more cautious with #ConsumerNoConfidence weakening demand.

☯️  Decelerating inflation at a cost. Powell reiterated ‘no guarantee’ Fed can reduce inflation back to 2% while navigating economic soft landing. We continue to view Fed’s #1 priority is #InflationFears reduction with #RecessionWatch likely the cost. S&P 500 ends June down -7% and down -21% YTD.

💔  No love for semis. More negative #ConsumerNoConfidence data points dragging down semi industry with CPU price cuts and PC market demand warnings. In addition, #MadeintheUSA CHIPS Act setback being used as political bargaining chip for other priorities despite bipartisan support.

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