Updated 7/27/22

Introducing our all-new Stock Mining! Mine points by checking in daily; boost earnings through referrals and deposits; and redeem for portfolio stock rewards!

We’re super excited to introduce our new Ursa Rewards Program! We designed our new Ursa Rewards Stock Mining program to encourage engagement with our daily research updates and build a long-term investing habit. This initial version is just our first iteration. Look for lots of new features over the next few months including Multipliers and Airdrops! 🤑

How It Works

  1. Check-in daily and mine Ursa Points by collecting on the Newsfeed.
    All accounts start earning at a rate of 5 points per day.
  2. Boost your earnings rate with referrals, deposits and in-app engagement.
    You can boost your earnings rate up to 500 points per day.
  3. Accumulate Ursa Points to redeem for stock rewards.
    Convert 10,000 points for $10 of portfolio stock rewards!

Boost Your Earnings

Sign Up5 points/day (base rate)
Open an Account+5 points/day
First $500 Deposited+5 points/day
Every $1K Deposited+5 points/day each
Refer Friends+5 points/day
All prior deposits and referrals will apply for existing accounts! 😊

Multiply Your Earnings

Multipliers can help you mine points for stock rewards faster! Multipliers are temporary percentage bonuses to super charge your Base Earnings Rate.

With Multipliers, daily mined points are calculated as:

Daily Earnings Rate = Base Earnings Rate x (1 + Multipliers)

ex: 300 [base rate] x (1 + 50% [multiplier]) = 450 [daily rate]

Deposit Multiplier+50%30 days

Receive Instant Points

Collect Airdrops to get instant points for stock rewards! Airdrops are bonus points dropped directly into your account.

When you receive the Airdrop, just login into the app and you’ll be prompted to collect! You can also collect via the Rewards Hub page.

Redeem $10 in portfolio stock for every 10,000 points! 🎉

Read the full Ursa Rewards Program Terms for more details!