Weekend Update 5/8/2022

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Market whiplash as investors initially cheer 50 bps rate hike

🥂  It’s NOT 75 bps… Fed continued aggressive #RisingYields plan raising target fed rate by 50 bps to 0.75% to 1% and planning to begin balance sheet reduction in June. Fearing a 75 bps hike, investors initially cheered commentary sending S&P 500 up +3% on Wednesday.

🤢  …next day hangover. Premature celebration as investors reversed Thursday sending S&P 500 down -4%. Wasn’t the feared 75 bps hike, but 50 bps already the largest rate hike in 20+ years. #InflationFears continue to be significant issue escalating with ongoing #UkraineCrisis impact on energy and commodities. Meanwhile aggressive #RisingYields counter action increasing #RecessionWatch odds.

📘  Earnings wrap. Earnings were an afterthought with the Fed commentary whiplash midweek. Hard to believe the S&P 500 only ended slightly down -0.2% given the week’s volatility rollercoaster. From earnings, we heard mostly similar themes of more cautious outlooks with heavy focus on bright spots like #COVIDRecovery and #RevengeTravel.

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