Weekend Update 5/1/2022

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S&P 500 falls back into correction territory as market bleeds

😬  Recession worries. Big earnings week with >40% of our companies reporting. Main takeaway being #COVID19 winners like e-commerce and WFH giving way to #COVIDRecovery like travel. #UkraineCrisis pressuring near-term outlooks, but not derailing long-term prospects. Overall very bearish sentiment with S&P 500 down -3% for week.

📉  Correction territory (again). Markets wrap up a very bearish April. S&P 500 fell -9% in driven by #RisingYields and #RecessionWatch. Growth bore the brunt down -13% as 10-year treasury yield spiked +24%. In contrast, #Flight2Safety Value fell only -5%.

🏖  COVID Recovery. We continue to see a reverse from the last two #COVID19 years. Pandemic winners struggle with growth slowdown across e-commerce, PCs, broadband and streaming. Meanwhile, #COVIDRecovery is the bright spot despite overall bearish market with #RevengeTravel demand strength and robust consumer spending.

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