Weekend Update 2/6/2022

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Markets remain extremely volatile but rebounding from Jan

儭 Jittery markets.Markets remain extremely volatile as investor reevaluate lofty growth valuations. Winners this week include AMD surging on strong growth outlook and Amazon hiking Prime price; while losers include Meta and PayPal plummeting on slowing growth.

儭 Omicron in decline.綾蜃#COVID19Omicron cases sharply declining down -60% from mid-Jan peak. Investors looking to get#COVIDRecoveryparty started, but facing headwinds from#InflationFearshigher costs as supply and labor shortages remain.

儭弘 Stock lovin’ in Feb?Despite heavy volatility for individual company earnings, markets overall recovering from Jan correction. Bulk of earnings share similar themes嚗#InflationFearsincreasing costs,#SupplyScareto linger, and#COVIDRecoveryshifts still incoming (for now). After rollercoaster week, S&P 500 ends up 1.5%.

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