Weekend Update 1/30/2022

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S&P 500 breaks 3-week losing streak despite Fed non-committal aggression

😳  Aggressive Fed looms. New Fed commentary alluded to increasingly aggressive stance, but didn’t provide much concrete details. Without committing, Fed did signal #RisingYield rate hikes starting in March and balance sheet reduction in the works. We believe Fed policy shifts faster this year with less consideration of market impact to aggressively combat #InflationFears.

💻  Big Tech to the rescue. Pair of #BigTech righting the ship for beleaguered Tech sector in correction down -11% YTD entering last week. Both Microsoft and Apple wowed investors with strong earnings and outlook. Tech starting to rebound +2% last week.

📈  Markets snap 3-week loss. Strong finish on Friday in power hour broke 3-week losing streak for markets. S&P 500 ended up slightly below +1% for week. Growth returns slightly edged out Value by 1% largely thanks to Tech rebound.

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