Weekend Update 12/26/2021

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Omicron optimism leads to Christmas rally 🎄

🧪  No US lockdown. Biden announced 🇺🇸 #COVID19 Omicron plan focusing on vaccination and testing vs. lockdowns. Fearing a shutdown similar to many in Europe, announcement kicked off week-long rally on Omicron optimism.

🥳  Lots of Omicron cheer. Looking past surging cases, investors rally into the holidays on #COVID19 Omicron optimism. It seems like Omicron surges to a peak quickly with milder symptoms-potentially leading to an upside scenario speeding up #COVIDRecovery globally.

🎅  Santa came early. S&P 500 up +2% on Omicron optimism. Feeling the holiday spirit, investors strongly bought into the market ahead of Christmas leading to record-high for S&P 500. 10-year treasury yield also rose up +6%.

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