Weekend Update 12/19/2021

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Fed doubling down on asset tapering plans 💸

🦅  Fed shifting to offense. Fed turns hawkish to combat surging #InflationFears. Fed accelerating tapering plan doubling monthly reduction to $30B and targeting 3 rate hikes in 2022 (up from just one expected last month). We think even the accelerated expectations may still be conservative…

😷  Omicron surging globally. While still milder symptoms generally, high transmissibility has #COVID19 Omicron surging globally. Investor concerns as near-term #COVIDRecovery looks stalled again.

️😬  Growth rotation. Weak market overall with S&P 500 down -2% for the week. Despite initially rising in power hour immediately following Fed remarks, Growth took the aggressive tapering and rate hikes on the chin falling -3% for the week as investor fled to #Flight2Safety Value names only -1% lower.

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