Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions with our Winter Promo! Lots of different ways to earn extra Ursa Rewards and bonuses for growing your account!

🎁  Multiple Ways to Earn this Winter!

Kickoff Deposit 🏈Start 2022 off right with a deposit of $1,000 for an Ursa Reward!
Refer Friends 👋Get a friend investing and you’ll both get two Ursa Rewards!
Grow Account 🌲Transfer funds over to your account for massive bonuses! (see below)
Auto Deposit 🤖Set It and Forget It in 2022! Auto deposit for an Ursa Reward!

🏈 Win up to $1,000 for kicking off the New Year with a deposit! 1

New UsersExisting Users
Open account and deposit $1,000+ within Promotion PeriodDeposit $1,000+ within Promotion Period

👋  Chance for up to $2,000 for sharing Ursa with friends! 2

Refer friends to start investing with Ursa and earn two Ursa Rewards! That’s TWO rewards each worth between $10 to $1,000 for up to $2,000 per friend!

🌲 Get up to $5,000 for transferring funds into your account! 3

Grow your account! Your cumulative deposits and transfers during the Promotional Period can earn you bonus rewards!

Transfer TierBonus Reward

🤖  Earn up to $1,000 with “set it and forget it” auto deposits! 4

Effortlessly grow your retirement nest egg with Auto Deposits and Autopilot! Setup an auto deposit that starts by March 1 for an extra Ursa Reward worth up to $1,000! See setup schedule below to qualify. 

FrequencyScheduleSetup By
WeeklyEvery MondaySun 2/27/22
Twice a MonthEvery 1st and 15th of MonthMon 2/28/22
MonthlyEvery 1st of MonthMon 2/28/22
Quarterly1st of Jan/Apr/Jul/OctSun 12/31/21

Ursa Rewards redeemable for $10 to $1,000 in stock each!

Ursa Winter Promo’s Promotion Period starts December 15, 2021 and ends February 28, 2022. To qualify for promotion, user’s account must be open and qualifying deposit(s) received by end of Promotion Period. Promotional Bonuses will be distributed within 5 business days of end of promotional period. Ursa Rewards must be held in accounts for at least 1 year before they can be withdrawn. Closed accounts forfeit any Promotional Bonuses not held for at least 1 year. This promotion may be modified, canceled or withdrawn at any time at Ursa’s sole discretion. All rewards subject to all terms and conditions of our Ursa Reward Program Terms.
1 An account’s net transfers (cumulative deposits less cumulative withdrawals) must be greater than $1,000 during the promotional period to qualify. Accounts may forfeit Promotional Bonus if deposits withdrawn prior to 90 days following end of Promotion Period.
2 To qualify for promotion, referee’s account must be open and funded within Promotion Period. Accounts are considered funded upon receipt of initial deposit. All referrals subject to all terms and conditions of our Ursa Reward Program Terms. If referee’s account is closed within 90 days of initial deposit, both referee and referrer’s Promotional Bonuses may be forfeit.
3 Transfer Tier based on an account’s net transfers (cumulative deposits less cumulative withdrawals) during the Promotion Period. Accounts must maintain Transfer Tier or higher for 90 days following Promotion Period or rewards may be forfeited. Promotional Bonus Reward only for highest Transfer Tier (bonus rewards are not cumulative).
4 Auto Deposit must be setup within Promotion Period with at least one Auto Deposit transaction by 3/1/2022. Promotional Bonus may be forfeited if Auto Deposit is canceled before at least 3 deposits or deposit amounts withdrawn within 90 days of deposit.

Original Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels