Weekend Update 11/14/2021

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Perfect storm pushing latest inflation reading 3x higher than target

📈  Surging inflation. #InflationFears in high gear with Oct 12-month CPI rising 6.2%-3x higher than 2% annual target. Investors concerned Fed moving too slow with stubborn ‘transient’ expectations. 10-year treasury yield rebounds up +9% after pullback from conservative Fed action.

📉  Consumer sentiment falling. #InflationFears spilling onto Mainstreet. Michigan’s consumer sentiment gauge dropped to 10-year low driven by surging inflation worries. Consumer sector hit hard down -3% for week.

✈️  Lifting travel bans. 🇺🇸 lifting #COVID19 international travel bans opening tourism to travelers from Brazil, South Africa, UK and most of Europe. Another boost for #RevengeTravel, but worsening consumer sentiment rained on the parade. 😕

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