Weekend Update 10/24/2021

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Time to stock up on toilet paper again? 😜

🚢  Supply chain woes. Rising concerns #COVIDRecovery hampered by persistent supply chain issues. Consumer companies noting some consumer hoarding behavior (Pantry Loading 2.0?) as well as retail ad demand lower for holiday season. All-time high energy prices just compounding investor concerns.

💸  Yields resume climb. Erasing last week’s dip, #RisingYields resume with 10-year treasury yield up 4%. More #InflationFears bolstered by Powell’s ‘time to taper’ comments and persistent supply chain issues.

💭  Social Media implosion. Snap dived over -25% following #earnings miss on iOS 14 privacy impact and supply chain issues. Negative read thru spooked investors sending other social media companies down 3-5% lower Friday. More on the iOS 14 impact here!

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