Weekend Update 9/26/2021

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China property giant takes down global markets 🇨🇳📉

🇨🇳 China financial crisis. Chinese property giant Evergrande remains on brink of bankrupcy. TLDR timeline: Markets 📉 Mon → 📈 Tues on payment assurances → 📈 rest of week despite indications obligations not met on Thu. Dubbed Lehman 2.0, we’re monitoring closely as China looks to stabilize situation.

🏦  Fed turning hawkish. Fed signaled purchase tapering soon though vague on timing. Accelerating rate increases as well potentially next year. While still conservative, Fed’s more hawkish moves boost yields with 10-year treasury yield up +9% following commentary.

✈️  Travel Time. Global #COVID19 cases receding driving resurgence for #RevengeTravel momentum and Aerospace outlook. Expedia CEO highlighted strong travel market tailwinds post-pandemic at investor conference Fri.

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