Weekend Update 9/6/2021

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EU restricts US travelers due to COVID 🇪🇺✈️🛑

🙅‍♀️ EU restricts US travel. Week started with Europe restricting US travelers due to rising #COVID19 delta cases. Travel and other #COVIDRecovery names lower with another roadblock. Over weekend, Sweden went further and imposed US travel ban.

🌳 Growth rotation. #COVIDRecovery weakness saw rotation into Growth names. In particular, Tech 💻 and Communications 📡 were strong. Overall Growth outperformed Value by almost +2%.

😴 Market sleeping in. Slow market week to end summer. Little company news as transaction volume down -50% on Friday ahead of the long three-day Labor Day weekend. For the week, S&P 500 inching just slightly up +0.6%.

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