Weekend Update 8/15/2021

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Strong economic data has #InflationFears befuddled 🤔

💪 More strong economic data. Despite rising case, #COVIDRecovery still strong as 12-month consumer price index grew 5.4% again in July. #InflationFears tug ‘o war with another high inflation month, but, at the same time, not accelerating.

️💸  Yields keep rising. 10-year treasury yields up another +4% last week, but as much as +9% Thursday before Friday’s -5%. pullback. #RisingYields resurgence as strong economic data may accelerate Fed tapering purchases and inching forward rate increase forecast.

🏭  Infrastructure to the House. Senate passed bipartisan $1T #BuildBackBetter infrastructure plan-now awaiting House to take up bill. Still needs to cross 🏁, but bill is a boost for Industrials.

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